About Us


At Tray Solutions Inc., we take great pride in providing our customers excellent quality trays and containers from Japan. Our commitment to you is, ensuring endless supply of quality products catering to the food and beverage industry. We have consistently supplied and supported the Sushi and Sashimi take-out and eat-in restaurant businesses all across Canada since 1996.

When you purchase any product from Tray Solutions, we encourage you to compare it, as we do, to competitive products for quality and price accuracy. Our pursuit of providing our customers unmatched quality combined with cost – effective products has made Tray Solutions the indisputable source for trays and containers. From major supermarket chains, to independent restaurants, shopping malls and cafeterias, Tray Solutions is the preferred choice.

All the products are highly durable, varieties of designs to choose. We are very happy, that we have TRAY SOLUTIONS as our supplierDianne, London, Ontario
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